2012-06-23: to Pisa

23 Jun

Todays target was set to arrive at Pisa… But it was more a wish then a target…
If I would arrive, it would be late and Saturday evening. I needed a barbier: as long as it is possible (haven’t found a place in Switzerland where it is possible) I wanted to use that “luxury”. And across the street was a barber, who opens at 8am.
Finally I left Grossero around 9:15 in direction of the beach: around 15km of nice cyling way with not to many people on it.
The best part was then along the beach region for about another 10km: cycling in the shadow of the trees covering the road: beautiful and not so hectic as the day before on the ss1 Aurelia.
Then, after two little hills I arrived in Folonica, where I was in summer with my parent and grand parents when I was a little boy.
The wind was not always pleasant: just a bit more from the south (from the tail) and it would have helped. On the other hand: it was not front wind and because coming from the side it cooled quite well.
After lunch, the journey continued mainly on the sp 39 and 206 to north with interesting and changing panoramas. Here the wind was better and helped much more.. 🙂

Then arrived after 155km in Pisa, I ate a sandwich (I needed something fast) and went to – of course – the tower and searched the hotel where finally could take a shower (and as every evening wash the clothes).

I went then down for dinner: the hotel offered some local specialities (chees, ham, bread) and some fruit which was exactly what I was needing. I met there Adim from Sweden who was voyaging with his two sons: and he had seen a lot of other parts as me in Sicily… Another reason to go back one day! 🙂
Very nice evening!

Sorry/ no pictures for now: it takes to long, to many crashes and soon home…
Come back to check out 😉

By Georges

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