2012-06-24: to Sestri Levante

24 Jun

The morning started easily. After yesterdays 155km, my body was slow. But it started nicely: I met again Adim (later his sons) and we had breakfast together. Those are moments when you just don’t think of pedalling…

After some long search of my wallet and finally could start.
One last visit at the tower to check if it is still not straight and I was back on the via Aurelia. Wind was not to bad, my motivation was. I ate something for lunch after 50km and had a big portion of ice cream.
Then I continued the long of the promenade when to road cyclist passed by and I saw that as motivation to wake up. The rest was typical “man on wheel” behaviour: I followed them (my bike being just 3x as heavy) and to calm the game down I took once the lead and worked for them. Then we could speak. 🙂
I by-passed La Spezia not to loose more time and cycled directly in the first hills.
After another stop and pause I continued: very nice, genlte climbing. Just one point: there is a gap and you need to climb again about 200m to reach at a final moment the pass.
From that moment, I searched for a hotel. The first sounded quite expensive (which now I have to say that would have been ok). But on the other hand: 10-20km downhill even at a over average speed is still some time I would to spend the next morning.
So I finally arrived at Sestri Levante at the cost. Which seems to be one of the most expensive part of Italy.
Time for Pizza and some picts!
By Georges

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