2012-06-28: back home… on time for the surprise!

28 Jun

Today’s journey was known… I had once cycled the other way from Bern to Visp (VS) and done the Grimsel-Pass in the past. The questions was more: How fit are my legs today? And the more important one: how much front wind will I meet done the Grimsel pass towards Bern.

The Grimsel is a quite easy pass. Some few turns and there you are. And then, just enjoying some 30km of downhill. Well, normally I would have looked for trails… but given the fact that I wanted to be home in the evening and save my legs as much as possible, I chose the straight forward way and did not leave the street.
As predicted, wind came up from Thun in Brienz. I had enough time, the speed was slow. So it was just a matter of small steps. North side of the Lake Brienz, Interlaken, north side of the Lake Thun, Thun, Heimberg, Münsigen, Muri and finally home.
Just in time to finalise the goal I had set myself up when leaving Naples: Arriving on time for the 45th birthday of my girlfriend Franziska…. 🙂

Over 2600km and the Smart Sam still looks quite new!


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