2012-06-27: to Ulrichen

27 Jun

So, today will  be the last day in Italy.

I’ve set quite clearly my challenge for today: Pass the Simplon and then go into the direction of Ulrichen (to the Grimsel).
When leaving Domodossola, I just took the direction of the mountain. I had a bad feeling from the last (first) time I passed here. At that time it was by car and I just remembered: you don’t want to cycle over her.

But it was a quite easy ride – not to much traffic. There some part where it is possible to take the old route.

About 7km before arriving at the Simplon-pass, I really felt the last days without resting days. After another stop at the last restaurant before reaching the top, I continued for the last kilometres.

Then, finally, I reached the Simplon pass. After something little to eat again and short discussion with two other cyclist, I needed to continue: I wanted to cycle as much as possible to shorten the next and last day.
The descend wasn’t as fast as normal: my big smile was not really aerodynamic well and I made some stops: I wanted to enjoy the view from the water cascade and see the bridge from the book “Der Blindgänger” which is a real story about an amazing guy.
Arrived in the valley, a nice breeze was waiting for me to push me in direction of Urichen.
Interesting: the last 10km of the valley, the wind is changing. Regarding the explanation of the locals, it is normal…

Finally, quite exhausted, I arrived at Ulrichen and started to look for a hotel. Unfortunately, my choice was wrong. Expensive, not really friendly… and cooperative. But I just wanted to eat and rest to be ready for the next and surprise my girlfriend on her 25th birthday :o) . I had a strange feeling about the room. Trash not empty, bed was not as usual… On top of it: getting out of the shower, the towel was just dirty. That was now to much. Worst experience of my trip…

Tomorrow will be another day, the last of the journey.

By Georges

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